Par4theDay Wrote:
Dec 02, 2012 10:30 PM
Like I said... Too bad most of you bed wetting idiots would soil yourselves if the goobermint comes for you. You jump on me, yet all you do is whine and cry here on townhall. Bohner, yes misspelled, on purpose, is your hero. You hope he will stand and save you. LMFAO - They sold us all out and yet you dumbmasses still hold out hope. You think the repugnants will save you. HAH I says. I tell ya that We've all been duped. Some of you are too blind to see it. Listen to the words and then know what comes for thee.... "AS LONG AS OUR CURRENT GUN SOCIETY...." Do even 4 of you know what that means? Or are you all so stupid as to think that attacking me will solve your problems. A majority of you are sad, sad people.