PresidentDon Wrote:
Dec 02, 2012 9:34 PM
In 1985 my mothers cousin had retired to a "Christian" home, when she became ill, the leaders of the home placed her in a local hospital, I visited her on Dec 28th, she asked me to get her something to eat, that she was so hungry and they had not been feeding her enough. I went to get her some hamburgers, and on my way back to her room, I was stopped and told I could not give her any food, she was on a no food regime for a reason. She died 2 days later. Summation? She left a large donation to the Christian? home, it was time for them to collect. If a Christian home can show such low regard for life, what do you think our government will do? This Christian home was in Rosemead, CA Things she wanted me to have they told me they were keeping