bcollins944 Wrote:
Dec 01, 2012 1:22 PM
they should of never put Hillary Clenton in that office of Sec, of State nor should they puy John Kerry or Susan Rice because they all are working to tear the freedoms rights of the unight states of america down and put us under the control of the U.N. Warlords Witch is The New World Order and then they will put Obama incharge for life of this country most of our congress and senate idoits has already let him add laws to take all you or I own or grow leving you nouthing that you paid for and you will not be paid nouthing now thats whats he worken for in this next four years now for Kerry they where more good field officers in Nam that all the men had respect for and Kerry would not even make a pimple on there A### he has no honnor just