wildmann Wrote:
Dec 01, 2012 1:04 PM
Hey!! DagNabbit The Pfaggot! Aas a retired fForida Corrections Officer I can tell YOU that you are Full of Sheite! Stereotypes exist because there is a LOT OF Truth in them. The Criminal Justice/Prison system lists all Chicos as White, and goes Out of its way TO NOT lock up Black Offenders. Thy do this to try to Achieve a RACIAL BALANCE in the Jails/Prisons. This is a FOOL's Errand, becauseLess than 30% of the Population Committ Over (80% of U.S. Crime!! The Fact that it is the "POOR"Recipients, who get a living Stipend to do Nothing, but Out-Breed the Productive Taxpayers, Is a Fact that you cannot Comprehend! That and Massive Voter Fraud is the Reason for the Re-Ascention of Your Lop-Eared Little Tin God, King Barrack HUSSEIN Obama