Nevirim Wrote:
Dec 01, 2012 8:37 AM
Interesting, Yeshua, Jesus was a Jew, the Talmud points out that he was a Teacher and a Rabbi, and accepted in that. His followers were Jewish and his influence spread to the Goyiim. He only lived in Israel. he only taught in Israel. He Died in Israel, and for some Jews and Goyiim he was Resurrected and is the Messiah of Israel. Then how can anyone claim "Christianity" has no claim on "Anything Israel!" God warned my people, the Jews that they should "respect" the strangers living in the "Land," for they were strangers in a foreign land. And those living in Israel had "citizenship" by Faith and obedience to God's Torah. So would you say that a "Different sect of Judaism" renders it "Non-Jewish" if it disagrees with your position?