debir Wrote:
Dec 01, 2012 7:32 AM
Eric Marsh, Exec-VP for Encana a leading N-A energy producer says, “Today, there're more than 12 million natural gas vehicles worldwide but less than 1% of them are in N-A. Yet our continent has the most to gain, economically, environmentally from fueling its vehicles with natural gas.” Replacing 3.5 million heavy-duty vehicles with natural gas would save more than 1.2-mln-brls-oil-pr-day. This is more than the US imported from either Venezuela or Saudi Arabia in 2009. Here's what T-Boone-Pickens has to say. I'm sure you know his name. The legendary oilman, investor has probably been the most outspoken advocate for natural gas over the past decade. He knows what's happening with shale production is real. It's the biggest change in the