oldtexgal Wrote:
Dec 01, 2012 7:16 AM
The "new norm" is to do nothing until the 11th hour, meet behind closed doors, and trot out some massive, incomprehensible, unread, undebated, bill, for "emergency" up or down vote within 24 hours. The "Committee" will pause in the hall for photo-ops, back slaps, declaring victory, and waltz down the hall. Bill passes, and it's handed over to bureaucrats to interpret and write the rules for implementation. I'd like to say it's all Obama, but Bush did the same thing with comprehensive immigration (which failed), and TARP, which passed, only to have the funds diverted from the original purpose within days. Gotta love the current "fiscal cliff" hysteria. Folks, we're already over it and plummeting down, faster every day.