smokindave Wrote:
Nov 30, 2012 10:06 PM
Like or not, one of the greatest things GW ever did was approve $2500 pre-paid Visa cards for victims of Katrina. Knowing the one thing the survivors desperately needed was cash, and knowing that it would take weeks of red tape to make it secure, he approved it anyway, His explanation was that too many people needed help right away, and he was willing to take the risk that some would scam the system-which they did, and he was ripped for it. It was bold, it was right. Rather than visit, take a picture with the governor, and jet off to the golf course, he made a decision that he knew would get him criticism, but was the right thing to do. I'll bet a lot of folks in NJ, NY, etc,. could use the same kind of Presidential compassion right now.