Resist, We Much!!! Wrote:
Nov 30, 2012 3:22 PM
government, make them pay for it. We’ll see just how big of a government they really want. I suspect that we will find that they want a much smaller government once they are on the hook for the taxes needed to support it. Right now, they believe that they can have a free lunch and stick the “evil rich” with the tab. Unfortunately for the clueless, there aren’t enough “evil rich” people to pay for the lunch to which the moochers believe they are entitled. For FY2012, the government spent $3,795.6 trillion. Eliminating the Bush tax rates on the top 2% is estimated to bring in $80 billion, ceterus paribus. $3,795.6 / 365 = $10.4 billion 80 / 10.4 = 7.69 days Your end of the Bush tax rates on the top 2% will pay for 7.69 days of Federal