Kilroys Wrote:
Nov 30, 2012 12:27 PM
Obama thinks the 'fiscal cliff' is another campaign issue when it's not. If Reps give into tax hikes NOW without meaningful spending cuts NOW, they'll be done as a party. Bush 41 broke his 'Read My Lips' pledge for $3 dollars in spending promises for each $1 dollar in tax increases. Higher taxes came and no spending cuts were ever delivered. Take the cliff...Sequestration is real government spending cuts. Sequestration raises taxes on EVERYONE back to BJ Clinton era rates so everyone feels the pain and Sequestration keeps tax increases lower on the job creators than what Obama wants Reps to concede. Go over the cliff Reps...Sequestration is an ugly but OK solution that Obama already agreed to. ___‹~›__‹(•¿•)›__‹~›___