Dan 292 Wrote:
Nov 30, 2012 12:20 PM
1) Dissolve FEMA or scale it back to a Guaranteed Low Interest Loan program for Disasters. 2) Re-work medicare to a "Get sick - Get care" program. No more hang-nails and sniffles. 3) Dissolve EPA 4) Dissolve Department of Education 5) Dissolve Department of Energy. 6) Exercise constitutional authority over the Executive Branch and "his" czar program. 7) Put the AirForce back in control of Air Force 1 - 4 (And Pelosi's Jet) 8) Enforce existing Immigration laws. Facilitate emigrants with skills and trades. 9) Rebuild the Manufacturing Base. 10) PARE DOWN GOVERNMENT BUREAUCRACIES! Loosen up on the regulations so some of us may wish to get back into business and make what little money we have left work for us. Other than that