Kilroys Wrote:
Nov 30, 2012 12:07 PM
The cliff is a done deal signed by Obama and Reps called SEQUESTRATION.’ Obama rejected his own Simpson-Bowles commission and hasn't proffered any meaningful cuts to spending knew this was the alternative. The cliff is the best deal we'll get...far better than putting on Obama knee pads and getting shellacked with higher taxes NOW for false promises of future spending cuts. SEQUESTRATION forces real cuts to government spending and forces EVERYONE to go back to those good ole BJ Clinton era tax rates...rates that are lower than what Obama would impose given his way. It's an ugly solution, but it's a start to downsizing government spending and calling Obama's bluff. Take the fiscal cliff...AKA: SEQUESTRATION ___‹~›__‹(•¿•)›__‹~›___