splefacts Wrote:
Nov 30, 2012 10:53 AM
Oh, my gawd. Move out of the way? Like for two years the Democrats owned the government and during that time they fixed everything? Incredible. So, let's see; we're 16 Trillion in debt with an increase of more than 1 Trillion every year and your solution is to raise taxes on the rich, netting 82 billion a year. The First's newest 'secret' plan is to raise over 4 Trillion in new taxes - over....10 years. Shucks, it only took him 3 to spend that much. All of this makes as much sense as blaming Bush for Katrina when every official from the chief of police to the governor of LA was Democratic and the failed infrastructure was from the Johnson years. If that darned Bush had only gotten out of the way, things would have been so much better.