Frank98 Wrote:
Nov 30, 2012 10:18 AM
This is something to Konsider when disKussing marxist and how they operate. Power comes first and foremost. Power to Kontrol/dicKtate.. US is broKe.US is a pauper nation. Printing funny munny and then pleading w/ communists to loan US even more. Socialist IN-Security is broke.You'd think the commies would wants us to smoke more, drink mucho big gulp sods,eat lots of fat more Kandy & salt etc. This would help solve the problem. Citizens will die early.Dead folks can't Kollect SS.And w/ HC rationing coming down the pike. Geezers & sick babies will be left to die.The marxists knows this.They should encourage these things, then when folks get sick, let them diie. But power to Kontrol /dicKtatie is more important to them