klundy Wrote:
Nov 30, 2012 8:00 AM
You missed the point of the relationship of Warren Buffet and GEICO. In the early days of GEICO, you could only purchase their insurance if you were a Government employee or a military member with a rank of E-5 or higher. Thousands of military members had their coverage because it was easy to get it. They would cancel on you in a heartbeat and send letters to you unit Commander if you were late with your payment. I know because I had them when I was stationed at Homestead AFB,Fl in 1971-1972. So you see Buffet was a parasite on low income people early on. Another insurance company started the same way is USAA you had to be a military member ,Senior NCO E-7 thruE-9 or an officer to get coverage thru them. Just like Govt. Employees Ins.Co.