IvanKaramazov Wrote:
Nov 29, 2012 6:52 PM
1. We know that raising rates back to the pre-Bush tax cuts or even the Clinton era will do NOTHING to balance the budget. 2. Republicans need to suggest that we revert to the pre-Kennedy tax rates of >90% at the top. Still, this revenue will have no impact on the deficit, but could potentially tick off all the Obama-Rich voters. 3. Obama will not go for it and then the Repubs could say HE'S not serious about fixing the problem. 4. If Obama goes for it, and it STILL fails, as it will, Repubs will prove once and for all the higher tax rates do not fix deficit problems. 5. Finally, F the Rich who voted for Obama on the North Shore and beyond...F'ing serves them right...They need to feel the pain quickly. Just my opinion.