John C6 Wrote:
Nov 29, 2012 6:21 PM
( CONTINUED ) and TANF, would be restricted to children, the disable, and the infirm elderly. A jobs program for the able-bodied adults unable to find work could be instituted. $100 billion a year would hire 5 million people at $400 a week for 50 weeks. These would be jobs cleaning graffiti, etc. No one would prefer these jobs. Pay would be tax free: no payroll deductions of any kind, including State or Local taxes. The workers would get $400 for 40 hours of work. If self-funding enterprises were seperated and taxes used only for Defense, restricted Welfare, and a jobs program, there would be ample tax revenues and no deficit. The Democrats would oppose this. Let them. It makes sense. The American people would support it.