Snarkasterous1 Wrote:
Nov 29, 2012 5:12 PM
After reading this - the conclusion that thinking adults arrive at upon reflection? Warren Buffett is a hypocritical liberal ponce. (Apologies for the repeated redundancy). Ah, the school of "I've already gotten mine, so am nobly engaged in making more difficult your success" lives on. This is akin to the folks who build their 3-story dream home near a lake, with beautiful views.....and immediately commence agitating for property restrictions that prevent (others, natch) building properties that could "obstruct the lake's beautiful views.) Of course, such tools cloak themselves in "...for the good of the community" horsehockey..... ....but they're just like Buffett the Blowhard: Got theirs, glad to stand in your way. -Snark