John W11 Wrote:
Nov 29, 2012 1:50 PM
This whole thing is a mistake for Republicans. Don't try to negotiate or play chicken with Dems. They are corrupt, immoral, and/or stupid. All of them. You have to beat them at their cynical game. Repubs need to annonce they are going to vote "present" en masse and let Obama/Dems economic plans pass withouth obstruction, Give the idiots what they want. That will NUKE them because the things they want to do is guaranteed to make it worse. You negotiate with swine. The uneducated masses just won't get it that you're looking out for them. What will come down the pike after Obama gets what he wants will do all the PR and instruction for Republicans. After the next 4 years the peeps will collectively say "now I remember why you don't do that"