MariansMusings Wrote:
Nov 29, 2012 11:11 AM
Have you seen a dog looking bewildered at her first litter of puppies? What are they; where did they came from?. Some say the 2012 election was because enough voters haven't suffered enough to get it. Even after the economy is forced to tank they likely won't know where it came from & riots ensue. That is why the health bill provides and funds this: 13 SEC. 5210. ESTABLISHING A READY RESERVE CORPS. 14 Section 203 of the Public Health Service Act. (The numbering is not sequential so I had to hunt to find it.) Officers in the "corps" are appointed by the president, answerable to the president & called up by the Surgeon General. Now it appears that FEMA is the likely vehicle for creation of Obama's private army. MusingsbyMarian dot com.