Drifter33 Wrote:
Nov 29, 2012 8:16 AM
Even hardcore leftists will come to rue the day that they handed their health care over to government bureaucrats. Once the feds have full power over your health care, they'll have full power over YOU. We'll come to find that they can (and will) exercise control over your diet, your habits (vices) and your hobbies--all under the umbrella of "health care". They'll bring back prohibition of Tobacco, alcohol and other vice items (which worked SO well in the 1920's!), or raise taxes on them to "pay" for their perceived ill effects on your health. They will do likewise to your favorite pass-time to "offset" the ill-effects they have on health--if they deem it "risky", it will be in the cross-hairs. The government will OWN you.