w-smith-84 Wrote:
Nov 28, 2012 11:31 PM
"equity markets... predict the economy by about 6-9 months. Which means FOOL (emphasis mine)....that when Obama won the nomination May 2008 AND IT LOOKED LIKE HE'D WIN (emphasis mine),..the market already factored that in" Does your husband know you're playing with his laptop, maryanne24? Because he'd probably slap you around for embarrassing him. "the market was at 14000 in May 2008. where is it now? NOWHERE!" Yea, Obama CAUSED the global recession. And DJIA at13,000 is "NOWHERE". YOU-ARE-AN-IDIOT! (And that's being as gentle as possible) "My husband is a partner at a Wall Street firm" And you are the "little woman" who washes his soiled underwear.