Robyn51 Wrote:
Nov 28, 2012 7:05 PM
I am a mature woman (a grandmother), educated (2 masters' degrees in human services and education), happy in my marriage and my family. I have lived a long and productive life. The very best thing I ever did was to turn to my Redeemer and commit, to Him, my life. I take His 2 commandments very seriously. However, I have found it to be extremely difficult to live the second one as much as I wish I would. As I watch the news, the hardest thing I have to deal with is the absolute, abject hatred I find myself feeling for the left. I have to force myself to remember that He loves them too and is the final Arbiter of their fate. Considering the damage done to this country and our children by these evil people, it is hard as heck to see them as He