glampkin Wrote:
Nov 28, 2012 5:51 PM
I don't disagree with Byron's broad point that the GOP needs to look at alot of things, but the core conservative-right leaning issues-I think are okay. You can look a segments of the voting public that are approximately the same % of the electorate, i.e., hispanic, military/veteran, senior citizen and few others that add up to say 6-8% of voters, and each of those could be said to make a difference. Taking the Hispanic segment-Romney lost 4% compared to McCain's run in 2008, but still GOP losing 70%+ of a substantial block. Hispanics = 6-7% of total electorate, its easy math to conclude up to a 4.5mil. voter win, if the GOP gets back to highest they received recently(under Bush34%)they still lose to Obama. GOP needs Jim Messina!