gungy Wrote:
Nov 28, 2012 3:06 PM
2) there would instead be song of praise for the Leader and Teacher Obama. Oh wait, we already have that cult of personality in America. 5) true U6 unemployment is already around 13-14% 9) in the MSM conservatism is already a crime they just heven't gotten around to the criminal statutes yet At least 3/4s of what you write as satire will come to pass. In WA state a public school drove a HS girl to an abortion clinic without letting the mother know. The mother sued and the courts said the schools can do that and t 15) Even Dr. Phil supports euthanasia when kids become too inconvenient. Sandra Fluke and Casey Anthony will run the new Dept. of Euthanasia to be funded by the government (it has to be free).