NullifyNow Wrote:
Nov 27, 2012 9:08 PM
May God Almighty again deny the GOP another presidential race if they, again, run a blood-curdling, blood-thirsty, pro-abortion* promoter like Rick the Slasher Santorum or Mitt. Hasn't God chastised you stupid GOPers enough? Haven't you gotten the point yet? Haven't you figured out how stupid and evil you are? You are just as evil as the Democrats and that is why you lost the presidency. You are being marched into Babylonian slavery/Marxism because you are so wicked and corrupt. God says so. *a pro-abortion right winger with a holier-than-thou demeanor and self-righteous indignation about slaughtering the innocent in the womb WHILE he promotes the slaughter of innocents overseas in criminal and immoral "wars" overseas.