chrcareman Wrote:
Nov 27, 2012 5:53 PM
Hi! This article ifs fine and agree most of it, but it is discriminatory towards Teenage Boys and Young Men and for Ms Marsden, She seems to think at almost all Teenage Boys and Young Men are Pron addict and Hackers, does it say that in England it will be all Teenage Boys who will be employed, I sure know that in England, all the Services are controlled by rabid Feminists, so I guess in those hiring it will be some Affirmative Action involve. There is some Teenage Girls and Young Women too who are Porn addict and Hackers too and They are very nasty also and it more and more prevalent think from Ms Marsden that if in England They would of said They have hired only Teenage Girls and Young Women, it would be ok for Ms Marsden, so no article.