RockingJamboree Wrote:
Nov 27, 2012 9:18 AM
Honestly? THOSE were the TOP story lines? No. And Ann Coulter was not the person for analysis. Coulter is not funny. She called the President a "retard" this year. She said that Sandra Fluke had been impregnated by Bill Clinton backstage at the DNC Convention. That's insipid slander, just third grade schoolyard bully taunts. Frankly, I have heard wittier taunts from children. Ann Coulter makes a living from being a media troll. She says outrageous and inflammatory things, then basks in the glow of infamy, when reasonable people are disgusted by her. It doesn't matter to Coulter, as long as she has a loyal fan base, eager to pay for her hate mongering, juvenile nonsense. Is that a reputation Townhall wants to share?