nepar Wrote:
Nov 27, 2012 8:18 AM
The Rep-Party needs to get rid of the RINO's, Neo-Cons ! We need to vastly increase womens role in the Rep Party, apologize to Ron Paul, Gary Johnson, their millions of supporters, for not treating them right, admit that their views on the issues were election winners, that would've gotten "alot-more" moderate, independent, women, minority votes ! Then open the door really wide for them, your choice, shall it be more "less-chance-of-reversing-defeats" or, earn the reward of bringing them all back in with legitimate pro-USC-States-Rights, limiting-Big-Fed-Govt-encroachment-overspending, political-platform-policies-strategies-methods-speeches-interviews-ads, and onto victory from now on into 2014, taking back the US Senate !