Rick4099 Wrote:
Nov 27, 2012 7:01 AM
"Thomas Ricks Accuses Fox News Of 'Operating As A Wing Of The Republican Party'" WOW! Somebody "accuses". I beg your pardon; It's not only Fox News, it's every news outlet! Are there any news outlets, that favor the Democratic Party? No need for an answer! Why doesn't all of these outlets, favor the electorate? Open warfare, between the political parties, is a design! Keeping the minds of the citizens, on the "war" between the Democrats vs. the Republicans, is exactly that; The Minds of the citizens! Now; while the "Minds",are occupied; ANY political move is covered, like a Hurricane or an earthquake! We have a "Smoke and Mirrors", Government! And the Politicians are the Precipitators. Secretary's of State; Supreme Court Justices;