nepar Wrote:
Nov 27, 2012 1:49 AM
Trump is right, We should put tarriffs on Chinese goods-products, Lying-half-wit wrote: "So despite the claims by the right, they don't even support Legal immigration. Give me a break, you guys realize we aren't the only ones on the planet, right ?" Are you stupid, you want China doing anything in this country ? In uncivilized-barbaric-sadistic-criminally-insane-psychotic China they criminally-commit on a massive-nation-wide-scale, felony-animal-cruelty-abuse-terrorize-torture-murder, against millions of dogs, cats, many other types of animals, for unfit-food, unneeded-fur, outdated-obsolete-medicine, and their uncivilized-barbaric-sadistic-criminally-insane-psychotic, felony-animal-cruelty-abuse-terrorize-torture-murder circuses !