tawn777 Wrote:
Nov 27, 2012 1:25 AM
No kidding....you aren't alone 59 million people still can't understand how he got re-elected...he wants no military,higher taxes,high unemployment,Benghazi ,fast and furious,higher gas,higher food prices...50 million on food stamps,26 million out of work or under employed,unemployment numbers are a lie... a lot higher,housing is moving but still in the crapper....16 trillion in Debt....and now the economy looks like it is slowing again...SOOO lets go over the cliff, go back into recession give obama everything...too funny America do the poor know that when the rest of us don't have jobs and the money stops they get NOTHING.....ooooooops did I say that imagine that..THE FRIGGIN TRUTH...HAS ANYONE SEEN A POOR GUY CREATE JOBS !!