pegleg Wrote:
Nov 26, 2012 11:00 AM
I am a blue star mom. My son lost both legs in Afghanistan '09. He deserves every payment our government will give. That being said, he only needs enough to pay for the disabled part of him. ie. legs, Wheel chairs, home modifications, vehicles, meds and medical care. He has 4 years of schooling paid by the GI bill. He NEEDS to also take care of himself, and provide for he and his wife and soon to be family. He needs this the same as the rest of us for psychological and emotional well being. He doesn't need a full ride from our GOV! What I fear, is what he NEEDS from the GOV, will be stripped clean by the hoards of people that WANT from our GOV. The truely NEEDY will be smothered by the truely WANTY and GREEDY.