ranma2 Wrote:
Nov 26, 2012 12:15 AM
FYI a true american will cut jobs if it is necessary. Would you rather have 100% layoff when the company goes totally bankrupt? Or would you rather have a 50% layoff by shipping some jobs overseas? I can see that you have never run a company. A company must survive! MONEY DOES NOT FALL FROM THE SKIES!!! If you are not competitive and is going under, you have 2 choices... change or die. You are blaming Romney for doing what needs to be done. You have never had to fill a payroll and compare it to the bottom line. Do you save 50% of your employees? or do you let the whole thing go bankrupt? All those people in the office without jobs. YOU ARE NOT A COMPANY OWNER. You do not know the choices we have to make.