JREX_TheRexReport Wrote:
Nov 25, 2012 7:30 PM
What say the Democrats quit hiding. Come out of the closet, and admit it. You want to make the United States a communist nation. Keep "booing" at God, and see what the years to come bring to you. I can tell you, but I hate to spoil the suspense. Here is a hint: it is going to be ugly! But, you didn't love truth, or want the presence of God and the accompanying blessings that come from serving God. Judgment is coming, and you have earned it. Scoff at the existence of God. It makes no difference. The Lord will mock your calamity when it comes. Before your comrade asked the Supreme Court to remove prayer from our schools, we were blessed, and even you ungodly enjoyed the blessings. Now you will experience the curse of God's wrath