cedar rebellion Wrote:
Nov 24, 2012 6:39 AM
Go slap a GOPer elite. Include bloggers like Ann Coulter. The issue needs to be reframed as "decency". Use Voltaire's "defend to the death your right" but note "we disapprove of those that use their rights in vile, offensive, degrading and dogmatic ways" and use the Democrats and their media folks. Call the Left the Sophomores of America. Arrested development, indecent and arrogant to force their locker room lifestyles into our homes. One simple has to stand against the coarsening of the culture. You hear the "f-word" on broadcast TV nearly every day when kids are watching. And how about sexual acts? Oh, and suggest those not wanting a return to decency to simple not support those folks by buying Cher's album for example.