EndowedbyCreator Wrote:
Nov 23, 2012 8:03 PM
Two reasons Romney lost: The media allowed P.O. to play his game with no accountability whatsoever. As much as was actually spent by both parties in this election the it does not reflect the amount of gratis coverage P.O. received from his fawning and loving media. Without the media factor Romney would have won. The second reason Romney lost is, at the risk of being called a racist, P.O. is black ... you know that MSNBC code word for ...black. P.O. is and has always treated differently because of his race. Even the late Geraldine Ferraro acknowledged this fact. Given his experience were P.O. white, Hillary Clinton would have beat him easily in 2008 primairies. BTW I have another MSNBC code word ...Chris Matthews is code for idiot.