bridget38 Wrote:
Nov 23, 2012 5:15 PM
Thought this for a long time. People like Spielberg, Cloony, Damon, Hanks, Oprah, should all be given a special tax on movie stars who have made far more money than the deserve. Restricted to one mansion, 2 reasonably priced cars (hybrids or electric only), no private jets, and extravagant jewellery, and more. The money should go to the government to disperse as they see fit. Anytime they are awarded millions for a contract, off it goes. Bono took his fortune outside Ireland to avoid their taxes...some hypocrite, Ireland is in dire straits now with more of thei young leaving once again. Elections certainly do have consequences...... The rich movie moguls take their money and leave while imposing their liberal clap trap on the rest of