vladwe Wrote:
Nov 23, 2012 11:22 AM
...And yet, Mr. Geraldo is right. "That's not the way the world sees it". Then again, the same world has seen many different things in ways that could make you cry. Worse is that whenever Israel gets close to achieving their goals in wars of self-defence, the "world" - the UN, the US, and even more the EU and even more again Egyptians and what have you - insist on a truce. Soon you will see the Hamas regrouping and rearming - list Hezballah in Lebanon. Like the late Moshe Dayan used to say: we will have to live with our rifles on our backs when we plow the land". Fortunately, the Israelis depend more and more on their own technology and arms. They have plenty of talent that can develop those even further. Mr. Brown: thanks! You nailed it.