Micky G. Wrote:
Nov 22, 2012 12:51 PM
...well, from now until these commie/muslim freaks are dispensed with, I'm going to adjust my resources so that I, along with the obamatools, no longer pay any taxes, I'm gonna jump aboard the reparations bandwagon... ...I'm going to study the DHS "how to get all the benefits you can" handbook for immigrants, to familiarize myself with the ways of the scroungers...I'm not going to purchase another thing that I don't absolutely need...my next cell-phone will be one of those fantastic obamaphones...long story short, our country is so badly BENT, so badly WARPED and CRACKED, that, as you would need to PRY OFF and then REPLACE a crumpled fender rather than keep filling the dents with Bondo, so, I believe we have to REMOVE and REPLACE this crump