poyman Wrote:
Nov 22, 2012 12:31 AM
Romney wasn't the problem ... Anyone we put up against the left would have gone down...There were 5 main reasons that Romney failed to push Obama out of the W.H.: 1) Sandy hits days before the Election and the Reep Bulldog (Christie) began a "Man-Love Campaign with the Great Divider... 2) The Dems had a far superior Ground Game and the hardline Evangelicals sabtaged the Reeps by staying home... 3) Obama distributed Taxpayer Money and bent the Constitution to give bribary gifts to key voting niches... Blacks, Hispanics, Older folks in FL, Single women, Farmers in IA, you name it... 4) (and one of the biggest) The MSM became a dedicated wing of the Obama campaign providing Billions in free advertising, Romney Attacks, Obama Support pieces