laruman Wrote:
Nov 21, 2012 5:47 PM
The FREE stuff army of moochers will vote D again no matter who it is. The free gravy train has to keep a rolling. FREE stuff wins all the time. Just look at how fast and far the welfare, has climbed. "O" did everything wrong for the country BUT the loafers overruled it all. Voter theft and fraud was rampant, when 100's and 100s of entire precincts in several if not all of the swing states had ZERO for Romney and 99%+ and 100 for "O." FREE stuff handed out like candy by the EYE candy man WILL push USA into full breakdown. RACE and social justice will rule the day when "O" judges take over the SCOTUS and tear up he constitution. THAT IS THE FUTURE. ITS A COMING.