John W11 Wrote:
Nov 21, 2012 1:43 PM
Haha. Maybe. But I can tell you what he wouldn't have done. He wouldn't have pulled the rug out from under our ally, you know Mubarek and immediately installed Hamas (part of muslim brotherhood, but you're probably too dumb to realize they are the same organization). Do you think for a minute Hamas would be as bold if they didnt' have Hamas in Egypt on their side. Hmmmm? Cheney probably wouldn't have bother Khadafi, since he renounced terrorism a while back. Oh thats right now we have islamists running Libya. Oh and they killed four americans with guns we probably gave them. Cheney wouldn't have done that. Also I can tell you Bush/cheney would not have stood by for 8 or more hours while the four americans were dieing without any help.