oldtexgal Wrote:
Nov 21, 2012 11:51 AM
Some "secessionists" may be serious, but believe most are making statement...venting frustration. Walking away from our bloated, ravening, beast of a federal government... but... wait a minute, here! I'm a Texan. We have 1200 miles of border with Mexico. 600+ gulf coastline to defend. Am convinced the most obvious reason we joined the union, in the first place, was security. Being part of the United States gave us additional muscle. Odds are pretty good, that periodically, Mexico would have raised armies, and tried to retake Texas. We've prospered as a State. Secede? Are you kidding? Would government from Austin be all that much better? Do we really want to mobilize a Texas military, build a Navy? Think Taxes are high, now?