tgwWhale Wrote:
Nov 21, 2012 11:45 AM
108, you seem to be saying that (1) charisma doesn't matter; and/or (2) charisma is a bad thing. As for (1): The Repubs ran milquetoast Bush I vs Slick Willie in '92, dull Dole in '96, duller McLame in '08, boring manager Romney in '12. The Dims offered Peanut-head vs Reagan in '80, Mondull in '84, embarrassing (remember the tank ad?) Dukakis in '88, pompous gasbag Algore in '00, and snobby Jean-Francois Kerrie in '04. ALL LOSERS. Charisma wins. As for (2): HItler had high charisma. So did Jesus Christ. Charisma can be used for good or evil, just as any other human quality can. To imply that a high-charisma candidate is bad because some high-charisma people are bad (Chavez) is ignorant. Or, you can just keep nominating dull LOSERS.