willyrho Wrote:
Nov 21, 2012 10:46 AM
8. Predator Drones carry Hell Fire Missiles, why were none fired? 9. Why were the Seals Lazing a Target, giving away their position and no Hell Fire missiles were fired? 10. Why did Obama blame it on a video that no one (it had only 17 views on YouTube) had ever seen? 11. Why did Obama fire General Ham for moving to assist the Consulate. 12. Why was an AC-130 Gunship, 90 minutes away, not sent to aid the Consulate. 13. Why were the F-16's only 20 minutes away not sent to help the consulate. 14 Why is Obama Delaying, Obfuscating and Lying? 15. Why did the plan stick with the plan's excuse of the "Mohammed is an Idiot" Movie Trailer? 16. Why did the Ansar al-Sharia try to save Amb. Stevens by taking him to a Hospital/Emergency Room.