llegato Wrote:
Nov 21, 2012 9:01 AM
TriCare is needed bc our military that is there to defend yr right to march w/ the enemies of this great country ARE WOEFULLY UNDERPAID. We all know that u would prefer to disband the military, except for a small cadre that u could use to march thru the country disarming everyone & forcing them into re-education camps where our children can all learn the joys of fisting & buggery, all paid for w/ money printed out of your fabulous and noisy rectum. Yr media & academia stole the election, AGAIN, dumbing down the electorate to where they don't know the difference 'tween debt & deficit, even as now yr spokespeople are now saying there should be NO LIMIT ON EITHER. Leftists won't be happy till U.S. is burning like Greece. Then u will pay.