Hawker 1 Wrote:
Nov 21, 2012 7:34 AM
Yes as simple as that . Understanding the 70,000 plus pages of the tax code is the same as understanding the 3000 pages of the obamacare bill with the coming 70,000 pages of regs. explaning the 3 thousand pages . As Romney explained the 47% who pay not Fed. income tax and soon the 100% who will be paying for the health care think only the rich will be paying . Dumbed down citizens via the public socialist educ. system will soon find neither income or healthcare . I hope for their own wellbeing they know how to grow their own food and find firewood for they will be without either if they think the Gov. will provide it for them. They were told by obama's very own statements that energy IE electric would skyrocket . I guess they did not hear