jbucko Wrote:
Nov 21, 2012 3:18 AM
On the larger topic of Racism...People of color claim that if a a person is 10% black, then are then black and racism may be a legitimate defense against workplace hostility or accusations of worker incompetence.(or what have you?) I sense some arrogance there. Barack Obama was the claimed by product of a very black African father and a white as you can get (corn fed farm girl) mother. Is he black or is he white He is 50 % of each...a coin toss. Yet he is referred to as the 1st Black president. So is Susan Rice black? Judging from her appearance she is white. She is at best 50/50 (mulatto) but she appears far more white then black. I think we can put her in the white column. Shame on the Democrats for accusing her of being Black.