Original Saepe__Expertus Wrote:
Nov 20, 2012 5:26 PM
O'BrienWROTE: The PETE guy says: "It makes light of the mass slaughter of some 46 million gentle, intelligent birds." Domesticated turkeys are NOT 'intelligent'. They are so inbred and over-bred that they have to be trained to EAT! They are so stupid that they will stand in the rain, looking up, with their mouths open, until they DROWN! Their wild cousins suffer from NONE of those shortcomings....they are smart, evasive, survive endlessly, evade humans easily....and are MUCH more tasty than their captive cousins. Whoever made that stupid observation has NEVER lived in FARM country, nor anywhere within 100 miles of the American Wild turkey's native range. I grew up in Missouri, live in NH. LOTS of wild turkeys in both places.